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Photo by Corrado Griggi
Photo by Corrado Griggi


The concept of Calanca Biennale 2021 aims to embody the territory. No exhibition but promoting the valley visually through contemporary art.

At the same time Calanca Biennale raises a global ecological message.

Help! I’m burning!


It needed an intuition, a totem that could represent a strong message. The animal totem “crocodile” came to me suddenly and has been a real companion troughout the creative phases of the project.


The Biennale consists of two parts: graphic illustration and also a material contemporary artwork that represents the Valley with its stone: the granite GNEISS. 


Granite blocks excavated from the mountains and inserted in the urban art texture of the valley.

This artwork represents the tectonic plates raising to the surface.

It’s interesting to know that the tectonic plates which connect Europe to Africa meet below this territory and hold each other like a sandwich. In geological terms this is called “crocodile jaw”.

This message allied us with the graphic design world that is particularly aware of social and ecological issues.

We have had an enthusiastic reaction, like a rustle of leaves in the wood, we could see in social media the slogan going viral.