We are proud to announce the posters contest jury

The community Worldwide Graphic Designers headed by Irwan Harnoko  and the creative agency headed by Adria Nabekle are promoting a CONTEST related to Calanca Biennale 2021 which is a visual art festival that will take place in the Acropolis of Santa Maria Calanca, Switzerland from June 27 to September 26, 2021. The CONTEST itself opens January 15 and closes September 15, 2020.
In the middle of a magnificent  mountain range setting, the heart of Swiss Calanca, perched atop the Valley’s breathtaking acropolis, lies the heritage  listed Tower, Cloister and Church of Santa Maria Assunta (1253). This stunning place is the remainder of glacial activity, a lasting symbol of nature’s hand over millennia.
The European tectonic plates under Calanca meet the African plates like a sandwich, in geological terms this is called “CROCODILE JAW” In that way the crocodile became our animal totem. We live in a small vertical valley made of stones in the heart of the Swiss Alps, despite this we see very well what happens around us and we would  like to make a sign of friendship and to keep hand in hand with our neighbouring continent Africa. The head of Calanca Biennale with the enormous support of the stone quarry Alfredo Polti SA, will implement a giant solid stone crocodile, 30 meters long. A landart installation which crosses the whole Convent garden. Once we had decided it, we could clearly see our crocodile surfacing from the heart of our planet as if he was alive shouting Help ! I’m burning ! and this suddenly became a global ecological message.
The content of the CONTEST is about a global ecological message saying that our planet is burning POSTER should contain A crocodile The slogan “Help ! I’m burning !”
The last crocodile seen in the Calanca region was 60 millions years ago, today and for our contest the crocodile represents a symbol Please do not use panorama pictures of the Calanca setting Under no circumstances will the posters be used as touristic promotion but as a global ecological message.
The posters will be printed on forex, standard size and exhibited at Calanca Biennale 2021 The posters will be shown on the website of Calanca Biennale from October 2020 WGD and Calanca Biennale will engage to organize worldwide exhibitions in 2020 and 2021 Posters which are not related to the context will not be considered Under exeptional circumstances Calanca Biennale could be cancelled without any legal obligations.
The jury of the CONTEST composed of Irwan Harnoko, Founder of Worldwide Graphic Designers Adria Nabekle, Head of Project Benedetto Pedi, School of color at LabServicePhoto Tom Alemanno, Head of Unforgettableworld, creative agency Sonja Riva, Journalist and author Alessandro Tini, Radio Journalist at RSI will choose  10 posters which will take a particular place  at Calanca Biennale 2021. Any poster can be used for communication purposes by Calanca Biennale 2021.
Please contact Deadline September 15, 2020
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